Dig Colonial or Go Home 


I'll be at B.O.N.E 2018 Giving classes and displaying finds. See you there.




Think of it this way... Before you ask... Can you hunt there?
Now if you go and ask and the owner says NO...
What have you lost?
Nothing but your time and I've seen No's turn into Yeses at later dates.
Here's how I do it.
First off, I don't walk up to the door the day I want to hunt and in my dirty detecting clothes. It's a bad idea to do this, and it’s like pushing the owner. In decent clothes and with a shave I walk up to the door and knock. With a smile on my face as someone comes to the door I say,

“Hi, I'm not selling anything.” (This helps break the ice.)
“My name is Todd, and I have a hobby that involves old homes and places like yours. I look for old buttons and relics with a metal detector like I'm sure you have seen people do at the beach I do the same thing but on dry land.” (Notice that I didn't say coins. Usually they will say something at this point.) Then I say,” If you give me your permission, I would like to do a search of your lawn. If I do get a signal, I dig a small hole that's like a golf hole and look for the target in the ground. All the dirt goes on a towel and goes right back in the hole after I find the target. Then the grass goes right back on top. I won't kill the grass and you can't even tell I was there. If I find something neat I'll show it to you.” (This is where the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ or a couple of questions come in. Depending on how the conversation is going I may also say a few more things like one or more of the comments below.

“Have you lost anything that I could find for you ?”
“Sometimes I find things that are specific to the home and I would be glad to give them to you.”
“Oh yes, if I find treasure I'll split it with you.”
“My detector can only see in the ground at the most about 8-10 inches so it's not like digging huge holes.”


If the answer is YES, I say thank you very much. When I come to detect where would you like me to park my truck? Are there times that you wouldn't want me to come by to detect? Thanks again maybe I'll find something really cool you never know what you will find.

That's it start to finish.

If the answer is NO, I say, “Thank you very much for your time. Have a great day.”  It's their yard be polite. I've had No's turn into YES because I was so polite about it all. No reason not to be.

This is the exact conversation that I use and I get mostly Yes as an answer. You should see the yards and houses I hunt.

Get out of your car. Put a smile on your face, and try it. The first time will be the toughest.

Remember what do you have to lose?