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Detector Settings

I hunt with two machines that I know very well. The Minelab CTX and the XP Deus. These are two machines that compliment each other in many ways. The right tools for the job.

Here are my "go to" XP Deus settings for V3.2, V4 and V4.1 hunting in the USA. These are the settings that I start with each day and then adjust if needed. This is a very deep program.


The Base program to start setting this program up is the Deep Program if your in V4 or V4.1
If you're in V3.2 then start with the Fast program.

Expert 5 Tones 120/6.5, 120/33, 590/69, 993/98, 120/99
Break Points 6.5, 33, 69, 98, 99

Expert TX Power 3

FREQUENCY 7.7 for standard coils or 28khz if you have a HF coil

IRON VOL 2  Let's hear the iron a little bit so that we know something happened here.

Expert Silencer 0

AUDIO RESP 04 Let's not worry about telling how deep a target is based on the faintness of the sound.
Let's hear every target for sure.
Expert Audio Overload 1

NOTCH 00-00

Ground Balance  Manual/Tracking
Use Tracking to get a number then switch to Manual. Keep an eye on it.If you're ground is all over the place and hard to keep a set number then use Tracking. The functionality of the Tracking setting has improved greatly with V4 and V4.1

Ground Sens 6
This is a new setting with V4.1 and since its frozen ground here right now I can't test for best result. So leave it at the preset 6 for now. I'll get back to you about this as soon as I can dig a bit and test it.

ID Norm Off  
ID Norm uses the TIDs from 18khz and piles all your good targets up at the top of the scale. This program works with tone breaks which are set by the TID of the targets. It is key to my program that you Shut OFF ID Norm.

I use the Horse Shoe There's just more information there.

The XY screen. I have done a lot of testing with this screen and what I find is that it locks up very nicely on coins. The problem I have with it is that it shows bad target for everything else. I like relics. If you hunt the XY screen I really do feel that you will miss out on a lot of targets that you would have been glad to have.

Things to remember

Tracking is a nice lazy GB setting, But to get the most out of your machine use manual GB and pay attention to it. Using a + or - bias of two or three points on the GB setting can help. All ground is different. You will find your way.

If you move the Reactivity setting it will automatically move the Silencer setting.

The greatest loss of detecting depth will come from too much Silencer and too much Reactivity. 
I never go above 1 for the Silencer and 3 for Reactivity.

I also build an identical program in the slot right next to this that I call CTTODD IRON. The only difference is that it uses 
FREQ 4. This helps with rusty iron and bottle caps. When you switch to this the target will break up if its junk. 

To do the iron check program you must turn off the ID norm setting or the numbers for targets won't change when you switch back and forth between programs.

Anytime you don't dig a target you take a chance.
If your on a old site you better just dig it.

Minelab CTX

I am a long time Minelab guy. I've had every machine starting with the Sovereign all through the Explorers then the Etrac and now the CTX. If you have the CTX book written by Andy Sabisch my exact settings are in the book with pictures. If not then I say you couldn't spend a better $20 for your detecting then to get the book. My settings are very basic and very deep. I really don't hunt with any discrimination at all That's right I listen to all of it.  I run manual sensitivity as high as I can go without losing stability 26/28 or Auto +3  I hunt with Deep "ON" and "FAST OFF" I use Ferrous Coin almost all the time. Target trace and Target trace pinpoint are both "ON" I use "Sizing" for pinpoint.

This is under construction I'll be back.